Keith’s Plan to Cut Taxes

As City Commissioner for the last 8 years, I have worked to keep taxes low, balance the city budget and protect our city’s bottom line. As a candidate for Mayor, I have outlined a plan to cut taxes and save taxpayer money without sacrificing services.

“I am committed to NOT raising our tax rates, but actually rolling back our city’s property taxes once critical needs in our city are met. Read my plan below.” 

My experience has prepared me for the job of Mayor. I have helped create West Palm Beach’s first ever long-term strategic plan and our 10-year budget and finance plan. On the Commission, I oversaw pension reform and made sure we returned millions of dollars to our city’s reserves to protect taxpayers from future economic downturns.

I’m proud to share that I have received the endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and our local Realtors Association. These two organizations recognize my experience in managing our city’s budget and that I am the ONLY candidate that has help lead our city through the economic recession.

I have the experience, plan and vision to lead our city forward.  I am asking for your vote for Mayor on Tuesday, March 12th so I can keep working for you.



Over the next year, $1 billion in new taxable property values will be coming into the City.  Keith will review these new projects coming onto the city’s tax rolls and is committed to using the new tax revenues to reduce property taxes, without cutting services.


For eight years as city commissioner, Keith worked to balance the city budget and get us through the great recession without raising taxes or cutting services. As our next Mayor, Keith understands our city budget and will ensure that city programs are run efficiently.  Keith has a record of protecting taxpayer money.


There are 14 projects and nearly $60 million in improvements scheduled to be completed with the funds from the 1-Penny Sales Tax. Keith has the experience to make sure the projects are completed on time, on budget and with transparency.


LATEST: Keith’s Plan for our Northend Neighborhoods

Since I filed to run for Mayor, over 18 months ago, I have made it my mission to make sure government was working better for our neighborhoods and our residents. I have hosted neighborhood meetings in nearly every part of our city and learned the issues that our residents care about. That’s why I launched my Neighborhoods First Initiative.  I am excited to report that since this launch, over 500 residents have joined my Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group.

Last week, I released my plan for our southend neighborhoods.

Today, I am excited to release my plan for our northend neighborhoods.

I am the only candidate who has released detailed plans for our city – from our neighborhoods, to homelessness to reducing taxes – I am the most prepared to serve as Mayor.

I am asking for your vote for Mayor on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 so I can keep working for you.

A Plan for the Northend of West Palm Beach

Keith James has a plan to make the Northend of West Palm Beach a priority so that we can solve crime, homeless issues, traffic concerns and make it the gateway of the north into West Palm Beach.

Keith’s Northend Priorities

  • The Anchor Site
  • Currie Park
  • Mayor’s Village Initiative
  • Broadway Corridor Investment
  • Market the Northend
  • Oversee Northend Capital Improvement Projects
  • Address Absentee Landlord Issues
  • Move Purpose Built Communities Forward
  • Protect our Parks & Open Spaces
  • Proper Code Enforcement
  • Prioritize Community Policing
  • Connect our Neighborhoods Utilizing our City Trolleys
  • Work with our Local Schools
  • Quarterly Meetings Hosted in the Northend
  • Engage with the Community

The Anchor Site

This site is a game changer for the northend and will provide an economic boost to the community and the density needed to keep people on the streets and in our shops, restaurants and retailers along Northwood.  The project should better connect Northwood Road and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Keith will push to get the project off the ground quickly.
Complete Neighborhood and Capital Improvement Projects

There are over 35 projects valued at over $52 million in the works in the northend as part of the 1 Penny Sales Tax, bonds and other funding sources. These projects are going towards northend parks and recreation, transportation, traffic and pedestrian safety, and infrastructure such as utilities and other critical needs. Keith will make sure these projects get completed and residents are communicated to about the status of the projects.

Prioritize the Mayor’s Village Initiative

The Mayor’s Village Initiative will continue to be a priority. Based on 5 Pillars, the program is focused on preventing and reducing youth violence and improving the lives of young African American males in the historic Northwest, Coleman Park and Pleasant City neighborhoods. On the Commission, Keith supported this program and will continue to build on its success as Mayor.

Invest Into the Broadway Corridor

Revitalize the Broadway Corridor through economic development incentives and rezoning that attracts businesses, retailers and mixed-use opportunities to locate along the corridor.  Keith understands the economic engine the Port of Palm Beach, Rybovich Marina and the marine and tourism industry can have along this corridor. Keith wants to capitalize on the growing need of the business and leisure market and the impact it can have in the northend of our city.  Keith is committed to reviewing how we can expedite permits for businesses looking to move into the northend CRA and how incentives can be used to support local businesses in helping clean up their façade or building to attract tenants and customers.

Protect Our Neighborhoods

Keith is focused on proper code compliance, identify ways to ensure code violations are paid and that routine violators are motivated to clean up their violations or pay the fines. Keith wants to fix the current system so that those who violate code do pay their fines and residents and neighbors don’t suffer due to violations going unpaid or properties not maintained. Keith supports a program that encourages landlords who don’t live locally to properly maintain their property through annual inspections or reviews. Keith supports the idea of hosting the Mayor’s Northend Meeting in the northend neighborhoods quarterly instead of at City Hall.  With a rich and full history, Keith is committed to protecting the character and charm of each of the northends historical neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods First Initiative

Keith has launched a Neighborhoods First Initiative and a Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group to provide information, share ideas and collaborate together on local issues.  Residents will have a direct link to the Mayor’s office to get regular communications and have input on neighborhood priorities. This is another opportunity for residents and neighborhoods to have their issues heard and listened to.

Safety in our Neighborhoods, Parks and Streets

Keith has spoken to our police chief and supports her work in the community. Keith is focused on more community policing and looking at how technology can make our neighborhoods safer. Keith has a Homeless Action Plan that will put in place community ambassadors to check on the homeless and get them the resources they need while enforcing existing laws that protect our quality of life.  Keith will review our city parks to make sure there is proper lighting, that bathrooms are safe and secure and parks are clean.

Purpose Built Communities

Keith supports the idea behind this public-private partnership for the city. Keith will work with community partners, other agencies and the private sector to help ensure the pilot program is successful. Keith will review the amount of city investment needed and where those funds can come from to ensure the community benefits.


Keith is focused on how the CRA can work to remove blight in the community. More direct city control of the CRA is needed, but Keith wants to make sure existing projects the CRA is working on are not slowed down, stalled or halted.  The city can also do a better job of marketing what the CRA does for the community so residents understand what they are getting and how they can be strong partners in the process.

Latest Video “WPB Mayors Endorse Keith James”

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“WPB Mayors Endorse Keith James” 

Mayoral Candidate and City Commissioner Keith James Endorsed by West Palm Beach Association of Firefighters

WEST PALM BEACH, Fl. — January 26, 2019 — Keith James, city commissioner and mayoral candidate of West Palm Beach (WPB) District 4, announced that the West Palm Beach Association of Firefighters has officially endorsed his March 2019 Campaign for Mayor of West Palm Beach. This is the first major organizational endorsement in the Mayor’s race and a strong momentum builder for the Keith James campaign.

The West Palm Beach Association of Firefighters (IAFF) local 727, is a leading voice for the city’s public safety. Considered one of Florida’s best trained and organized fire departments, the association represents over 230 men and women who make up the department. The West Palm Beach firefighters are one of the most trusted organizations in West Palm Beach.

“We are proud to support Keith James for West Palm Beach Mayor. For the past 7 years, Keith has proved to be a tireless advocate for improving public safety,” said Jayson French, president of the West Palm Beach Association of Firefighters. “His support has been crucial in ensuring that firefighters have the new technology, training and manpower needed to protect our community. As a result, response times are improved and residents are safer. His vision and temperament are what West Palm Beach needs. Keith is the key to a brighter future.”

The Association of Firefighters are an important endorsement for any campaign running in West Palm Beach. They bring grassroots support to help knock on doors, contact voters and will be a strong resource in the campaign. They have a proven record of endorsing winning campaigns and their endorsement of Keith James is a testament to Keith’s strong organizational structure and winning foundation.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of our firefighters. These men and women put their lives on the line to keep our community safe,” said Keith James, WPB District 4 city commissioner and 2019 mayoral candidate. “Every day I am out in the community speaking with residents, and people want to know that they are safe, they have an opportunity to get a good job, send their kids to great schools and have a strong quality of life. I am going to be a Mayor that listens, who is driven by solutions and is focused on getting results. I am excited to have the firefighters join my team and share my vision of creating a community of opportunity in West Palm Beach.”

For more information, please visit and follow Keith James for real-time updates via its website (, Facebook (, Instagram (, YouTube (

About Keith James:
Commissioner Keith James was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission in 2011 and is a two-time president of the City Commission. As the Immediate Past President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Board Member of the Florida League of Cities and member of Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency, Commissioner James has become a leader on solving local municipal and regional issues of importance.

On the City Commission, Keith James has sought to create a city of opportunity where people and businesses can succeed. Under Keith James’ leadership, West Palm Beach has seen a boom in economic development and job creation, improvements in city services and increase in local neighborhood projects. Commissioner James has prioritized sound budget management, improving public safety, protecting West Palm Beach’s water supply and environment and addressing homelessness and workforce housing issues.

Vote Keith James Signs

Friends –

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Keith unboxed all the yard signs that came in over the weekend.

Now we need your help to get them out.

Here is how you can help:

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Thank you for the support.


Lorna James

Happy Thanksgiving


Lorna and I send our prayers and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Whether with family, friends or loved ones, I hope you enjoy the memories and moments that make this holiday truly special.

My two children are flying in to visit and I look forward to spending time with them. Keith Jr. and Amber are two of my greatest accomplishments and two of the many blessings in my life.

Lorna and I will be visiting with her family as we create new Thanksgiving traditions as husband and wife. Another blessing.

Thanksgiving always brings out the best in us. It keeps me grounded on what’s important in life.

As I watch the devastation with the wildfires in California or wreckage from Hurricane Michael across the state or the difficulties that many in our community here at home go through on a daily basis, it reminds me of the little things in life — a family that cares, good friends, food on the table, clothes on your back and a roof over your head – that make today a blessing.

We all go through struggles; challenges that confront us and require us to make tough choices. I know from experience and from working with others that life throws curveballs. How we meet those challenges, learn from them and grow is what’s important.

Today I am grateful for the challenges I have overcome and I am counting the blessings I have received.

Wishing you a blessed, joyous and Happy Thanksgiving.


Yours in service,

Keith James