First To Qualify

West Palm Beach City Commissioner Keith James First To Qualify for Mayoral Election

Keith James’ Commanding Lead In Fundraising and Endorsements Highlights His Broad Community Support

WEST PALM BEACH — January 3, 2019 — Keith James, city commissioner of West Palm Beach (WPB) district 4, was the first candidate to officially qualify for the West Palm Beach Mayoral election.  Five candidates have filed an intent to run with one of those candidates dropping out of the race in early 2018. The qualification period for the Mayoral seat in West Palm Beach runs through January 8, 2019.

Keith James’ campaign continues to lead all opponents with the highest earned fundraising donations totaling $122,178 to date. Keith James’ campaign raised $30,950 in November alone with no loan deductions and minimal spending throughout the year. Keith’s sound campaign budget management has ensured his campaign has more cash on hand and less expenses than his opponents. With over 272 donations made to support his efforts, more people are investing in Keith’s message than all opponents combined.

With 150 local endorsements, Keith James continues to uphold the largest number of supporters in the 2019 campaign against Paula Ryan, Paolo Weston and Priscilla Taylor. His growing rapport with the community serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of giving back and making real changes.

“Nearly 18 months ago, I was the first to file for Mayor of West Palm Beach and today I am proud to be the first to officially qualify to put my name on the ballot. I have visited with residents in every part of our city and we continue to outwork our opponents. I’m focused on solving local challenges like improving public safety and attracting good paying jobs to West Palm Beach, bringing leadership to regional issues such as homelessness, transportation needs and protecting our water supply and environment and being an advocate for our neighborhoods at City Hall so everyone has a voice.  Our message is resonating and our campaign is growing. I’m working hard to earn each and every vote, ” said Keith James, WPB District 4 city commissioner and 2019 mayoral candidate.

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About Keith James:

Commissioner Keith James was elected to the West Palm Beach City Commission in 2011 and is a two-time president of the City Commission. As the Immediate Past President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Board Member of the Florida League of Cities and member of Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency, Commissioner James has become a leader on solving local municipal and regional issues of importance.

On the City Commission, Keith James has sought to create a city of opportunity where people and businesses can succeed. Under Keith James’ leadership, West Palm Beach has seen a boom in economic development and job creation, improvements in city services and increase in local neighborhood projects. Commissioner James has prioritized sound budget management, improving public safety, protecting West Palm Beach’s water supply and environment and addressing homelessness and workforce housing issues.