A Plan For Public Safety

Keith James has served on the City Commission since 2011, two of those years as President of the Commission. He has helped guide our city during lean, economic times to ensure we kept taxes low, maintained essential city services and moved forward important neighborhood projects.

Keith’s Public Safety Priorities

  • More community policing in our neighborhoods.
  • Going after violent criminals using new technology and intelligence led policing efforts.
  • Data driven policing to ensure areas where crime is occurring have the police and personnel needed.
  • Cracking down on code enforcement violators to ensure our neighborhoods don’t become havens for crime.
  • Supporting programs like the Mayor’s Village Initiative that work with our youth to keep them from turning to crime.

I have been across our city, meeting with residents and visiting our neighborhoods. Public safety continues to be on the top of everyone’s mind.

As a City Commissioner, I made it my mission to keep us safe. I supported investing in new technology like Shot Spotter and Real Time Crime Center, grant funding opportunities to keep firefighters on the job, our new state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center and a state-of-the-art radio system that saved taxpayers $5 million.

While overall crime is down in West Palm Beach, violent crime is up in certain pockets. That’s why I have outlined a detailed plan to go after violent crime.