A Plan For The Western Communities

Keith James has served on the City Commission since 2011, two of those years as President of the Commission. He has helped guide our city during lean, economic times to ensure we kept taxes low, maintained essential city services and moved forward important neighborhood projects.

Priorities for the West

  • Led the fight to stop State Road 7 & Roebuck Road extensions
  • Supported Fire Station 7 & 8 for faster emergency response times
  • Supported our western division of the police department
  • Supported the funding of our neighborhood street lights
  • Fought to ensure our western communities received their fair share of city services without double taxation
  • Fought for funding and clean-up programs along Okeechobee Boulevard, Northlake Boulevard & Jog Road

Keith James has a proven record of accomplishments for our Western Communities. Keith has a plan to address homelessness and a Neighborhoods First Initiative to make sure every neighborhood is represented on his Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group. Keith has been our champion to stop State Road 7, improve public safety and stand up for us!