Plans for our neighborhoods

Keith’s Northend Priorities

  • The Anchor Site
  • Currie Park
  • Mayor’s Village Initiative
  • Broadway Corridor Investment
  • Market the Northend
  • Oversee Northend Capital Improvement Projects
  • Address Absentee Landlord Issues
  • Move Purpose Built Communities Forward
  • Protect our Parks & Open Spaces
  • Proper Code Enforcement
  • Prioritize Community Policing
  • Connect our Neighborhoods Utilizing our City Trolleys
  • Work with our Local Schools
  • Quarterly Meetings Hosted in the Northend
  • Engage with the Community

Keith’s Southend Priorities

  • Golf Course Project
  • South Dixie Corridor Investment
  • Prioritize 8111 Site
  • Tennis Center
  • Protect Our Parks & Open Spaces
  • Oversee Southend Capital Improvement Projects
  • Maintain Train Quiet Zones
  • Jefferson Terminal District Opportunities
  • Proper Code Enforcement
  • Prioritize Community Policing
  • Work With Our Local Schools
  • Improve Our City Gateways; Forest Hill, Southern Blvd, Belvedere and South Dixie
  • Connect Our Neighborhoods Utilizing Our City Trolleys
  • Quarterly Meetings Hosted in the Southend
  • Engage With The Community!

Priorities for the West

  • Led the fight to stop State Road 7 & Roebuck Road extensions
  • Supported Fire Station 7 & 8 for faster emergency response times
  • Supported our western division of the police department
  • Supported the funding of our neighborhood street lights
  • Fought to ensure our western communities received their fair share of city services without double taxation
  • Fought for funding and clean-up programs along Okeechobee Boulevard, Northlake Boulevard & Jog Road