Recount concluded and next steps

On Friday, the canvassing board for the West Palm Beach elections met and decided to hold a recount to ensure my campaign did exceed the 50% threshold needed to win.

I am excited to share the recount was completed and I was announced the official winner of the West Palm Beach Mayoral election with over 50% of the votes cast.

I wanted to cooperate fully with the recount process to make sure all voters, my opponents and all parties were satisfied. I didn’t want to start my administration under a cloud of doubt about the election process or my victory. The will of the voters is being followed.

I want to thank the Supervisor of Elections, her staff and the canvassing board for their work to get this recount done accurately and efficiently.  Thank you again to the voters of West Palm Beach for participating in the election.

It is my goal to move past the election and focus on the future of our city. We have some important issues facing West Palm Beach and I trust we can put aside our differences to create a city that is united and working towards a better future.

As Mayor-Elect I am going to continue the work necessary to move towards a smooth transition and to hit the ground running.  I will keep you updated on this progress. Thank you.

Yours in service,

Keith James
West Palm Beach

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