Two Debates. Two Wins. Detailed Plans.


In the last 48 hours, I have participated in two debates and have outlined why I am uniquely qualified and the most prepared candidate to serve as the next Mayor of West Palm Beach.

I am the only candidate who outlined detailed plans to address our top issues, and specific proposals for our neighborhoods.

Two Debates. Two Wins. Here are the highlights.

Economic Forum of Palm Beach County

February 5

To a sold-out audience, I presented my goals for our future:

1.) I launched my K.E.I.T.H Plan which focuses on the top needs and issues here in West Palm Beach. My opponents had no specific plans.

2.) I made cutting taxes, by rolling back the millage rate, one of my main priorities.  We have millions of dollars from new projects that will be generated over the next few years.  My plan is simple – fund essential neighborhood services and unmet needs first and then cut our tax rates, so residents get a break. None of my opponents mentioned a tax break in their opening statement.

3.) I also shared that I continually speak to local homeless program leaders and have a six-point plan on tackling the homeless issue with enforcement measures, outreach teams, prevention efforts and resource centers.

Watch my opening statement (it’s under 3 minutes).

Read the K.E.I.T.H. Plan.

Southend Neighborhood Association 

February 6

A day later, at the Southend Neighborhood Association, we attended the city’s first neighborhood forum and in front of 100 residents we showed up with a real plan:

1.) At the forum I shared that since launching my Neighborhood’s First Initiative last week, we already have 500 residents and leaders from all parts of West Palm Beach signed up to be a part of a new Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Group.  When elected, we will be ready to go and hit the ground running.

2.) I am the only candidate who distributed a printed, detailed plan for the southend of West Palm Beach. My opponents had no specific proposals.

3.) I outlined that as Mayor I will oversee the $240 million in infrastructure, capital improvement and 1-penny sales tax dollars for projects in our city.  Nearly $60 million is for our southend neighborhoods. As Mayor, I will make sure all projects are completed and residents can have a say in their local priorities.

Read my plan for the southend of West Palm Beach.  I will be rolling-out plans for all parts of West Palm Beach in the coming weeks.

The election is in 33 days.  Voters are going to select a new Mayor for West Palm Beach to oversee 17 departments, 1,600 employees, over 2,300 volunteers, 28 Boards and Committees, and a $186.4 million dollar operating budget.

With eight years of City Commission experience, I have been part of the creation of the city’s strategic plans, sustainability and mobility initiatives and understand our priorities and where we need to go.

Two debates. Two wins.  Only ONE clear choice for Mayor.