Our weekend talking to voters

I have been in our neighborhoods across West Palm Beach over the past two days talking to voters and sharing my goals for our city. Our coffees, meet and greets and mobilization efforts are getting a HUGE response. Take a look below to see the photos from our “Day of Action”.

Now it’s time to focus this energy and excitement towards Election Day.

Please vote Keith James for Mayor on Tuesday, March 12th. If you don’t know where to vote, you can get all the details you need here: http://www.KeithJamesforMayor.com/Vote/.

Second, volunteer for an hour or two on Election Day at the polls to show your support. This is a great opportunity to answer any last-minute questions from voters and share my plans for our city. I can bring you a shirt, sign and some literature. Email me or call me at 561.284.9891 if you can volunteer on Election Day.

Thanks for all you are doing. We have entered the home stretch. Every door knocked on, phone call made, conversation with a voter is making a difference. Spread the word to vote Keith James for Mayor.

See you at the polls.

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